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4Life Research® & Professional Networkers

A Winning Combination!

Both Professional Networkers and 4Life Research believe in working together to help people enjoy healthier and rewarding lives. We want you to feel good about being involved with an opportunity where you can enjoy personal success and help others succeed at the same time. Our members can enjoy a rewarding career that provides them with the opportunity to achieve phenomenal health support and achieve potential financial freedom while offering those same possibilities to others! How do we do it?

4Life Research is one of the world's top network marketing companies with some of the most exceptional health products in the industry. You can learn more about their great products by visiting the "Products" and "Science" pages. 4Life's Life Rewards Plan™ offers their members some of the highest payouts in the industry. 4Life® rewards both part-time and full-time entrepreneurs so they can grow their businesses at their own pace and based on their own financial goals.

Mike Akins is a well-known and well-respected networker in the industry. Money Makers Monthly magazine published an article on Mike Akins entitled "Industry veterans name him the greatest networker in the world." Money N' Profits magazine published an article on Mike entitled "A True Professional Networker With A Heart For Others."

Mike believes that his success over the last 49+ years and the comprehensive study of the network marketing industry he financed, referred to as The Cold Facts Exposed, have allowed him to select what he believes is the #1 opportunity in the world today and quite possibly in the history of the industry. That opportunity is 4Life Research. Mike also believes that the support provided by his Professional Networkers staff is a huge reason for the success he has experienced in 4Life and that their experience and support will be especially valuable to anyone who joins this opportunity in the future.

In 1990, Mike Akins founded Professional Networkers, a company which also happens to share the same name as his current organization within 4Life, as a way to help build, train, and support members of his organization. Money Makers Monthly magazine stated that Mike Akins and Professional Networkers are "A Premier Support Group" and Cutting Edge Opportunities said that they are "referred to as the 'Charles Schwab' of network marketing by many experienced MLM leaders."

The Professional Networkers staff specializes in many areas of support and provides many services for Mike's distributors, such as IT support, advertising, graphics design, success coaching, nutritional research, company comparison research, international support, shipping & logistics, and many others. Most services from Professional Networkers are FREE! Marketing family members simply pay for the cost of materials or shipping costs, if applicable.

Mike believes that his extensive experience, the support of the Professional Networkers staff, and the tremendous leaders in his organization all working together have allowed him to develop an organization of about 450,000+ members and customers, which includes around 80% of the top leaders in 4Life, and currently generates approximately $23+ million in monthly sales volume. If you decide to join this journey with us, we will do our best to help you achieve the level of success you are looking for as well.


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Transform your life with 4Life Research & Professional Networkers. There truly is a way to dramatically increase your odds for financial freedom! 4Life offers you fantastic health products and income opportunities while Professional Networkers offers you tremendous experience and support systems to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Upline support from Mike Akins who has 49+ years of successful MLM experience
  • Personalized support services from the Professional Networkers staff and access to their proven marketing tools
  • 23 ways to get paid
  • Some of the highest payouts in the industry! (Up to 64% of commissionable volume)
  • Compensation plan that is especially rewarding for beginners & first-time networkers
  • Next Day Payouts
  • Vacations
  • Cash Prizes
  • & MUCH MORE!


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4Life Transfer Factor® products are created to educate your immune cells and support your immune system's ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats to the body. 4Life Transfer Factor products are certified for quality, potency, and efficacy.

  • 4Life Research products are developed to offer superior immune system support and promote overall health & wellness
  • Many of 4Life's products undergo numerous analytical tests before being released for distribution.
  • Available in capsule, chewable, liquid dietary supplement, powder, bar, and gel forms.
  • Total Body Health Support
  • Targeted system support for Heart, Brain, Eyes, Male, Female, Kidney-Bladder-Urinary, and Endocrine
  • Weight management
  • Skin care
  • Energy
  • Pet Health
  • & MUCH MORE!


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4Life Research establishes product efficacy through collaborations with academic institutions, scientific publications, and exploratory research. 4Life products are listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference and have been clinically studied by institutions such as Auburn University, the University of Missouri, and others. Here are just a few examples. See Products and Science pages for more info:

  • One of the master regulators of your health
  • Reduced biological age by approximately 4 years in only 6 weeks. (Study listed in 2016 PDR--Edition 70--pg.2212 under "Longevity Studies." See Excerpt or visit the website here.
  • 4Life Transfer Factor Plus® -- Up to 437% rise in NK cell activity (See graph on science page)
  • 73% increase of protective IgA antibodies using 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® formula & Riovida® (See graph on science page)
  • Renuvo® -- Decreased inflammation by 64% (See graph on science page)
  • Pro-TF® protein -- Stimulates "bad fat" burning by 564% & from visible/surface fat by 203%, increases muscle growth by 74%, and reduces hunger cravings by 62% (See graph on science page)
  • & MUCH MORE!