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Posted by Kevin on June 29, 2003 at 13:05:57:

In Reply to: CAN CORAL CALCIUM PREVENT CANCER??? posted by james couvillon on June 29, 2003 at 04:51:47:

I saved these messages on coral calcium. Kevin

More info on Coral Calcium:
"I've been in the nutritional business for over 10 years and
it never ceases to amaze me: people will put ANYTHING in their
bodies without even checking to see if the claims are true!
For instance, here's an excerpt from Barefoot's recent
TV infomercial with Kevin Trudeau:
Trudeau: and you're telling me, that in these cultures
around the world, the number one common denominator,
is the amount of calcium they consume..
Barefoot: That's right
Trudeau: And most of them consume it from the water, and
it's all glacier...
Barefoot: And the okinawans just happen to live on an
island of calcium..
Trudeau: Which is this Coral calcium..
Barefoot: And they dig up this coral sand, which is coral
calcium, and put it in their food, and they've been
eating it for hundreds of years.. so they're getting
huge amounts of calcium
Now, compare these unfounded comments on a recent report from the
Wellness Guide To Dietary Supplements as published by the
University of California at Berkley:
'Yes, Okinawans tend to live long healthy lives and
even inspired a bestselling book, which we discussed in
2001. Here's their secret: a diet based on fruits,
vegetables, and grains (with an emphasis on whole grains),
plus fish, small amounts of meat and poultry, moderate
alcohol intake (if any), no smoking, and lots of hard work
and exercise-not coral calcium. The researchers who did
the Okinawa Centarian Study have issued a position paper
about coral calcium, which dismisses the claims.'
Now, I won't argue at all that the informercials are compelling.
They are! And they make some very bold, unfortunately,
that they couldn't prove if you put a gun to their head.
But, the question remains: what IS causing the Okinawans to live
such long healthy lives if it's not the coral calcium?
Well, look back at the statement from Berkley:
'Here's their secret: a diet based on fruits, vegetables,
and grains....'
You see, coral calcium is basically crushed limestone. It's
EXACTLY the same stuff that is used to make concrete, cinder blocks
and sheet rock. (In fact, the same people who 'harvest' coral
calcium also have a thriving construction supply business!)
On the other hand, the Okinawans are NOT eating coral sand or
mixing the stuff in their water.
SOIL. They are IRRIGATING their crops with a mineral-rich
==> THAT is the secret. They are consuming
whole-food nutrients on a daily basis as part
of their regular diet!
You see, your body is NOT designed to process ground-up rocks. On the other hand, it IS VERY GOOD at extracting vitamins
minerals and other nutrients from PLANTS.
This is because the plant adds many 'co-factors' to the
calcium including proteins, lipids, enzymes, etc....nutrients
that make the calcium and other minerals FAR more absorbable
than taking elemental calcium.
That's why it's so important to get your nutrition from a
plant-based source."

The Truth About Okinawan Drinking Water
Subject: Calcium from Okinawa

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999

From: Ozz


I read with interest your letter to Okinawa Times. I lived in Okinawa for 13 years and can tell you that Okinawans do not mine coral reefs for calcium. Their major source of calcium is fish.

The well water which is probably high in mineral deposits as Okinawa is primarily a limestone island, is undrinkable due to pollution.

Before 1960 or so a large percentage of the rural population obtained its drinking water from wells, springs or streams, and I imagine there was a higher content of minerals in the water. Okinawa has the distinction of the highest ratio seniors over the age of 100 in comparison to the general population of any prefecture in Japan. I don't think there are any quite a 150 years old, but Okinawa has boasted the oldest people in the world for some time. The Okinawans who live that long all share several things in common:

1. High fiber, low fat diet. Lots of rice, "yama-imo" mountain potato, other root vegetables, "miso" made from soy beans and barley and other grain. The primary meat intake was fish. Pork and goat meat were considered delicacies and only consumed on special occassions.

2. Exercise. Rural Okinawans worked hard for a living. Cultivation was by hand. They did not have many work animals. Fishermen swam and dove without benefit of equipment. Women had to haul water etc. etc. If they went anywhere they walked.

3. Attitude. Okinawans have the attitude that, generally speaking, close enough is good enough, if it doesn't get done today there is always tomorrow. They are very friendly and magnanomous, rarely getting upset, and go with the flow. I have visited 7 or 8 countries and Okinawans are the most easy-going I have encountered, by a long shot.

These are just general observations that I have made while living there. Japan has one of the lowest cancer rates for a first world country, but with the change in diet, lots of McDonalds, etc. that the younger generation is accustomed to the cancer rate has been going up. Japanese women who relocate to the US and change diets, breast cancer rates are the same as for US women within a couple of decades. Women who remain in Japan and keep a traditional diet, have a much lower breast cancer rate.

Anyway I digress. Bottom line, the folks who are selling this calcium from the coral reefs are full of it.

That source of calcium is no different from any other source and will not make you live longer. If you want to live longer, move to rural Okinawa, change your attitude and diet and hope for the best.

Hope I answered your question and didn't ramble too much.



Odd balls, goof balls, and calcium balls - it's all just shattered dreams
The Wolfe Clinic used to be in- Nova Scotia

The Wolfe Clinic - Ontario, then Nova Scotia, and finally Quebec homepage - Self proclaimed doctor of acupuncture Darrell Wolfe, the publisher of "Reclaim your inner terrain", holds down the front lines in his search for invisible parasites and an unbalanced pH. He wants you to believe that because the brown spots on a banana indicate mold, that you should go out and buy Coral Calcium and a few dozen other potions.
Here are a few comments from his tape and his pamphlet

Our health system is structured for the benefits of the few, not the many

...germs do not cause disease

pH balancing is the greatest weapon for the health of mankind

There is only one sickness, one disease, and one cause

Life and death are in the blood

How are you inner streams?

Cancer is a four letter word and that word is acid

...anything acidic is lacking in oxygen

Auto Warburg received the Nobel prize for proving that a lack of oxygen causes cancer and with further studies with Dr. Reich, they proved that it was actually a lack of nutritional calcium. (He can't even spell Otto right, so why should we trust his scientific knowledge?

...if you've got the right philosophy and you've got the right products then you are going to get results

Once you start taking disease and putting them into a hundred different slots, that's when all of the confusion begins

Look, if you don't want to take supplement, you haven't got a chance

When we're stressed, we release hormones. Their adrenals are dumping out hormones and....this causes acidosis, it cuts down their oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system, eating up calcium. (I thought most of the calcium was either in the bones or bound to protein?)

Search for Coral Calcium on his site

Search for Quack Cancer treatments

Search for "cancer" on his web site

The ultimate cancer cure site - This site may be dead. The Stop Cancer Web site. Lots of goodies here. While you visit this convention, don't get too close to your CRT, it may suck you in and then spit you out with your molecules rearranged. Really, honest, cross my heart and hope to god that she strikes me down if I'm not telling the truth.
Dr. Don Nakatsuchi - Texas optometrist and MLM guru

Dr. Nakatsuchi's Coral Calcium homepage

Dr. Nakatsuchi's Totalmarketing operations

Dr. Nakatsuchi's Coral Calcium more information
Health - Boosters - Canada's own

Homepage -
Direct Nutrition
Marine Bio Japan

Marine Bio Japan - homepage

CoralTM - yes folks someone actually trademarked the name Coral. Coral grains are grains of the skeletal structure of reef-building coral that has become defunct. Moreover, the method by which they are obtained does not destroy living coral reefs or in any way damage the environment.


More MLM companies that sell or promote Coral Calcium products that some claim will change the pH of your blood, prolong life, and may prevent cancer - all while trying to make you think you can get rich quick

Total Health Expo in Toronto - Robert R. Barefoot

The Millenium Team - We find that there are two types of people in the world, doers and watchers. If you are a doer, are interested in health, wealth, and time freedom, then go to The Millennium Team page

Coral Waters - Coral Calcium


Medline and Medical links

Colloidal Mineral Supplements: Unnecessary and Potentially Hazardous - James Pontolillo

Okinawan health stories debunked: Barefoot's claims that Okinawans live long because they are flooded with coral calcium in their food and in the air.

FDA Calcium recommedations

Mayo Clinic Calcium recommendations

Prevention and management of osteoporosis: Consensus statements from the Scientific Advisory Board of the Osteoporosis Society of Canada - Calcium nutrition and osteoporosis
Tim M. Murray, MD, FRCPC Canadian Medical Association Journal 1996; 155 (suppl): 935-939

SALIVA AS AN ANALYTICAL TOOL IN TOXICOLOGY - What can you see from analyzing saliva? It appears that Dr. Carl J. Reich never lived long enough to know that saliva is a crystal ball into all sorts of useful diagnostic areas of medicine. But, checking the pH of it is never mentioned at all in this over 100k file from the Utrecht Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in Holland.

Martindale's Medical Nutrition Resources -

Pharma Nord Research links on Calcium - pay attention to the absorption and cancer studies. It may take a while to download as some of the files are over 130k, but it will be worth it. I think that Mr. Barefoot's contention that we should all pig out on bacon, butter, eggs and milk products is not the best idea. Cancer rates in vegetarians if far lower than meat eaters.

Calculate your calcium needs - Smith Kline Beecham - Use the "Calcium Calculator" to estimate your current daily calcium intake,and learn about sources of calcium to help you achieve your recommended daily intake. (Hey, I entered the word "coral" into the database and it didn't strange, eh?)
Quack science and scientists often associated with Carl Reich, or his successors

Oxylist Re: theory of cancer cause - links about Otto Warburg and Carl Reich. Only one of them won fought for the Kaiser, worked in Nazi Germany, and won two Nobel Prizes. What exactly Dr. Reich did is not very clear, even from their own publications.

Dr. Otto Warburg: From the book The Warburgs: The Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family, by Ron Chernow. New York: Random House, 1993.

Warburg was a doctor and winner of 2 Nobel prizes. The first was in 1931 for physiology and medicine. In spite of his Jewish ancestry and outspoken hostility to the Hitler regime, he was permitted to continue his work at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. Because of his Jewish ancestry, in 1941 he briefly lost his post at the Institute, "but a few weeks later received a personal order from Hitler's Chancellery to resume work on his cancer research." Otto Warburg's decision to collaborate with the regime, writes Chernow, "incensed colleagues outside Germany." The scientist "justified his decision to stay in Nazi Germany by claiming that he was performing extremely important cancer research that would save lives and that he couldn't transfer his research operation abroad."

Ripples From O.C. Healer's Case Spreading - the amazing world of Salvatore Anthony D'Onofrio According to D'Onofrio, inserting ozone through tubes in the vagina is a powerful, immediate way to activate the immune system. Sound almost as crazy as Dr. Carl Reich's theories, but much more kinky.

Copy of Dr. Carl Reich's license revocation form in California

DOCBOARD - Search many U.S. States for you favourite quack doctor - it's too bad that Canada has nothing to offer the public s yet.
Quotes and anecdotes carved in stone

The Car Talk guys from Boston's own NPR station weekly quiz on Hunzas: They should live so long, eh?
Calcium rocks and organic watering holes around the world

Doc's Mineral Rocks with FULVIC acid -
"nature intended us to get most of our minerals in a plant form"

"most minerals in most supplements are not chelated or citrated and hence are often found in a more rudimentary or less absorable form"

"UNBIASED" report on Colloidal minerals - that's an oxymoronic term if ever I heard one - "Break a leg"
Minerals, Minerals, Minerals

In the past few years there has been a massive marketing blitz concerning minerals. This blitz has been both good and bad. On a positive note, it has served to help educate people concerning their need for minerals. But, at the same time, these same people have become extremely confused about what form of mineral to take. (In other words, "Can you have your rocks and eat it, too?")

Mendocino Water - California - testimonials from one medical doctor says:
"The form of calcium in Mendocino Sparkling Mineral Water (calcium carbonate) is more readily absorbed by the intestine than is calcium phosphate (as in milk) or calcium oxalate (as in green, leafy vegetables)."

Professor Floyd C. Rector, M.D., Chairman University of California Medical Center, San Francisco

Reef sites

Mother Jones on the destruction of the coral reefs - Coral mining: People excavate coral reefs for their limestone and sand, for use in building materials, resort hotel beaches, tourist souvenirs, even snake-oil medicines: A Swedish company, Ericssons Preventive Medical Group, claims its Alka-Mine Coral Calcium will "naturally detox the body by neutralizing the acidity with which we are all...too apt to pollute our systems." Sweden, of course, has no coral reefs; the product's mineral-rich coral sand is mined off Okinawa.

Coral Calcium scams destroy Okinawan reefs - "The Secret to Longer Life Now Revealed!" so says the latest bogus health claim. This industry is mining coral off of Okinawa to sell as a mineral supplement to cure all kinds of ailments, from arthritis to cancer. Of course, there is no scientific or medical evidence to substantiate their claims the mining destroys the reef ecosystem. Drinking Perrier water is a safer bet for those seeking minerals.

Reef Relief links - lots of great links about coral reefs around the world

NGO links about coral reefs-

What is a reef? -

Alarming Decline of Coral Reefs Worldwide - by Emil Venere - Whatever the causes, the potential ecological and economic consequences are ominous. Theories blame pollution, oil spills and sedimentation caused by construction and waste discharge."

CORAL REEFS IN OKINAWA, JAPAN - Kiyoshi Yamazato Meio University Okinawa, Japan - Coral reefs in the islands of Okinawa were devastated by Acanthaster planci, the coral eating crown-of-thorns starfish during the period 1974 to 1977. Since then, corals have recovered in some areas, but they are now under attack by Acanthaster once again. As a consequence, coral coverage remains at low levels. (So why are they mining it?)

Yoshimine Zenji: A Life Dedicated to the Reefs - By Maggie Suzuki - The movement spearheaded by Yoshimine-san to review public works in Okinawa, most specifically agricultural improvement projects which are causing coral-killing soil erosion, has made little progress against the massive inertia of established practice. Agricultural improvement projects in Okinawa were causing problems due to red silt runoff pollution, but the Ministry has never, even up to the present, acknowledged the existence of the red silt runoff problem or their responsibility in causing it.(What is in the silt runoff, and are the coral calcium products derived from those very areas?)


Government links about health claims for food - give them time and they may stumble across the skeletons left by coral calcium scams

FDA statement on advertising and food products-

North Carolina State University course in food law teaching module


PHYS.COM - Take a Quiz to bone up on your calcium needs

PHYS.COM main nutrition site

Lead in Calcium products - California

Diet and Breast Cancer facts - Cornell University
Consumer watchdogs and government links

AgeNet - Health Quackery and aging - Government study found that 60 percent of all victims of health care fraud are older people.

The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing - Robert L. Fitzpatrick

MLM links - The MLM Survivor's Homepage

The multi-level marketing and pyramid selling provisions of the Competition Act set out the responsibilities for operators and participants in these types of plans. The Act also explains the differences between multi-level marketing and a pyramid selling scheme. Multi-level marketing, if it operates within the limits set by the Competition Act, is a legal business activity, while a pyramid selling scheme is illegal as defined by the law.

Canadian office of consumer affairs - homepage
File a complaint directly with Canada's Competition Bureau - If it's advertised and available in Canada, even though it is from Timbuktu - use this regularly. See who responds, first, the FTC or Industry Canada, eh?
Fraud and recalls - Canadian and American links
Better Business Bureau - Canada

FTC Complaints Form: - Send your complaints from anywhere in the world if they involve U.S. or Canadian based companies who operate to defraud the public.

Better Business Bureau - Hampton Roads, Virginia - HTN is not a member of the BBB. Send them a complaint. If it isn't working send them e-mail.


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